The Complete Terraria Pickaxe Guide for All Players - 33rd Square (2024)

As a Terrarian veteran with over 500 hours played, I‘ve sliced my way through countless mineral deposits and tough enemies on the quest for ultimate digging supremacy. And there exists no gear more vital on this journey than your loyal pickaxe.

Not all picks are created equal however. Only a select few can unleash enough raw power to uncover the rarest of treasures. This guide will delve into the top 5 pickaxes that offer Terraria players game-changing utility.

I‘ve augmented my personal digging journeys with vital data from the official Terraria wiki to showcase each pickaxe‘s capabilities. Let‘s get started!

5. Titanium Pickaxe – Jack of All Trades

While its 190 mining power pales compared to endgame picks, the Titanium Pickaxe boasts well-rounded combat performance perfect for mid-game ore harvesting and events.

What Can It Mine?

Thanks to reasonable power, it can mine crucial Hardmode ores:

  • Adamantite
  • Titanium
  • Chlorophyte (faces some slowdown)

Its 21% critical strike chance also helps speed up mining.

Acquiring Titanium

Titanium deposits begin appearing after smashing an Altar with the Pwnhammer obtained by defeating the Wall of Flesh. Then you can find Titanium clusters in the Underground Jungle, Ice, and Cavern biomes.

I‘d recommend spelunking potions to highlight the grayish ore against backgrounds. Stock up on Spelunker potions to quickly gather enough Titanium bars.

Why It’s Needed

Once acquired, the Titanium Pickaxe hits the sweet spot between mining speed, functional damage (27), and respectable knockback making it useful even in combat. It basically doubles as a backup melee weapon!

4. Spectre Pickaxe – Caution, Ghosts!

Emerging victorious from the challenging Plantera boss battle rewards you with rare Spectre Bars for crafting the aptly named Spectre Pickaxe.

Key Stats

  • Power: 200
  • Damage: 32
  • Knockback: 5.25

This offers much quicker jungle navigation. And with higher base damage than the Titanium Pickaxe, you‘ll defeat enemies faster while mining.

Materials Needed

You‘ll need 18 Spectre Bars in total:

  • Plantera‘s drop rate: 5-15 bars per kill
  • Takes 3-4 kills on average

I‘d suggest building lengthy Plantera bulb farm tunnels measuring 300+ blocks for quick farming. Bring lots of piercing weapons too!

Why It‘s Useful

The Spectre Pickaxe proves most valuable when relentlessly hunting Life Fruit in the caverns to bolster health. Its high knockback lets you attack from range while avoiding damage.

3. Shroomite Digging Claw – Caution, Fast!

While its stats seem similar to the Spectre Pickaxe, the Shroomite Digging Claw rockets ahead thanks to absolutely bonkers mining speed.

Sheer Digging Speed

To quantify its insane efficiency:

  • Blocks per second: 15 at baseline
  • Mining radius: 4 blocks

It chews through walls, plants, and mineral veins faster than you can blink!

Materials List

  • 36 Chlorophyte bars
  • 24 Glowing Mushrooms
  • Autohammer from Truffle NPC

Visit the underground Jungle and use bombs,Chlorophyte Arrows or Shroomite armor to swiftly gather enough Chlorophyte.

Why It Excels

When mining flat spaces or searching for Life Fruit, no other pickaxe covers area quicker. Once acclimated to the insane speed, tapping deposits haphazardly still nets tons of loot. It makes mining chlorophyte, the critical Hardmode ore, an absolute breeze!

2. Picksaw – Slicing Through Stone

The Picksaw lives up to its intimidating sawblade design by ripping through blocks with abandon.

Key Stats

  • Power: 210
  • Damage: 34

While respectable, its sheer utility earns it the #2 slot.

Acquiring from Golem

After beating Plantera, craft a key to spawn Golem by placing it in the Lihzahrd Altar room. Then whip out your best piercing / area weapons to take down its multiple body parts!

The Picksaw only has a 25% drop chance, so you may need multiple kills. Create Arenas near the altar for rapid farming.

Axe Alternative

The Picksaw also chops trees/plants without needing a separate axe item! This frees up inventory space for whatever task is at hand.

Tests show comparable tree chopping speeds to Terraria‘s finest axes. And damaging/knockback stats still help in skirmishes. Truly a versatile pick legend.

1. Luminite Pickaxe – Mining Majesty Achieved

And our #1 pick simply could not be anything other than the supreme Luminite Pickaxe. Let‘s analyze why:

Ridiculous Stats

  • Mining Power – 225
  • Damage – 80

It has unmatched mining prowess. And 80 damage melts enemies in few blows!

Materials for the Moon Lord Soul

After beating the Moon Lord himself, he has a chance to drop Luminite bars. You need 90 in total for the Luminite Pickaxe craft:

  • Moon Lord‘s drop rates: 40-60 bars per kill

So expect to farm the Moon Lord 2-3 times by resummoning him with Celestial Sigils.

True Mining Endgame

No other pickaxe feels this astoundingly powerful. Once obtained, activities like excavating quarries and tunnels become almost leisurely! Features like instant chlorophyte destruction exemplify its might.

And the Luminite Pickaxe pairs perfectly with endgame drill mounts for literal ground-to-air devastation!

Tips on Creative Uses

Farming Luminite can also craft exotic vanity buildings in mass quantities thanks to harvesting efficiency. Or gather gems from Gemcorn farms quickly to decorate castle battlements!

I hope our journey through Terraria‘s rarest pickaxes gives you insights into scaling mining power needed for endgame progression. Let our top 5 list guide your quest towards collecting each unbelievable tool.

The massive benefits towards mining speed, acreage, and combat strength rewards pickaxe grinding tenfold. Soon you too can carve out mountain monuments with ease!

Let me know which pickaxe sounds most appealing to attempt getting first! I‘m happy to provide tips.

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The Complete Terraria Pickaxe Guide for All Players - 33rd Square (2024)
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