The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (2024)

Hardwood flooring has been around ever since the flooring industry started. The ability to last over 50 years combined with timeless looks and reasonable pricing makes hardwood the number choice for flooring in the US. If you’re looking for the best hardwood flooring brands, you’ve come to the right place.

With an overwhelming amount of hardwood flooring brands, it can be challenging to choose the right brand. Luckily, our team of experts is here to help. We researched, compared, and tested over 30 top US brands, filtering the brands to avoid. This in-depth research allowed us to compile an unbiased list of the ten best hardwood flooring brands based on price, durability, warranty, reviews, and thickness.

In this guide, we also teach you about the most important things to consider when choosing a hardwood floor, such as wood species, gloss level, and the different grades of hardwood. Keep scrolling to discover our top 10 hardwood brand choices and learn more about how to maintain and protect hardwood flooring, install it correctly, and the pros & cons of hardwood flooring in general.

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Table of Contents

  • Best Hardwood Flooring Brands:
  • 1. Mohawk Hardwood
  • 2. Doma Flooring
  • 3. Mirage Floors
  • 4. Somerset Floors
  • 5. Cali Bamboo
  • 6. Shaw Hardwood
  • 7. K.D Woods Company
  • 8. Bruce
  • 9. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
  • 10. Lauzon
  • Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring
  • How to Protect Hardwood Flooring
  • Looking for a Professional Flooring Installer?
  • Final Thoughts
  • FAQs

Best Hardwood Flooring Brands:

Above are the ten hardwood brands we found to stand out from the rest. Keep reading below for an extensive description of each brand and why we chose it. The list is in no particular order. We couldn’t separate the brands mainly because most of them use similar wood species and finishes. However, below the brand descriptions, you can find our pricing, thickness, and warranty comparison to better understand how the brands differ.

1. Mohawk Hardwood

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (1)

Price Range: $4.49 – $8.49 per square foot

Next up on our best hardwood flooring brands list is an industry heavyweight, Mohawk. This brand has been around since 1920, when it was known as Mohawk carpet mills. Nowadays, Mohawk is based in Georgia, and it’s one of the largest, if not the largest, flooring brands in the US. They own or partially own many other flooring brands, such as Quik-Step and Pergo.

Currently, Mohawk offers hardwood, vinyl plank, carpet, and laminate flooring. Their hardwood range consists of two types; Mohawk SolidWood (solid hardwood) and Mohawk TecWood (engineered hardwood). In total, they offer over 50 collections with over 250 unique hardwood products.

The brand’s wood flooring looks beautiful, with numerous light and dark shades of hardwood in various gloss levels. Furthermore, Mohawk offers hardwood in seven different species; oak, maple, walnut, hickory, chestnut, acacia, and pine.

Their engineered hardwood is around 9-12 mm thick, while their solid hardwood is 14 mm or thicker. Mohawk hardwood collection has both traditional and modern-looking hardwood suiting the taste of all types of homeowners.

Why Mohawk Hardwood?

We chose Mohawk Hardwood to be featured on our list for many reasons. Firstly, Mohawk is a massive brand with over a hundred years of experience and a loyal customer base, suggesting they know what they’re doing. Secondly, starting at $4.49 per square foot, Mohawk hardwood is one of the most affordable wood flooring options on the market. Thirdly, Mohawks TecWood uses innovative technology, offering genuine hardwood looks with supreme stability and high water resistance. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable hardwood flooring brand, Mohawk is undoubtedly worth considering.

2. Doma Flooring

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (2)

Price Range: $6 – $10 per square foot

Doma is a flooring brand based in the US that falls under the chain of Proximity Floors, a large flooring company gaining lots of popularity amongst US homeowners in recent years.

The main motto of the brand is ‘fashion meets flooring’, their whole aim is to provide high-quality, durable floors with a stylish, fashionable look. Another one of their quotes is ‘traditional meets modern,’ which is something on-trend in recent years, perfectly matching the rustic chic home decor concept.

Doma mainly specializes in hardwood flooring; however, they also offer luxury vinyl and carpet. Currently, their hardwood range consists of six collections, including both solid and engineered hardwood, with around 50 unique products in total. Doma’s solid wood planks are a respectable 19 mm thick, while their engineered ranges are 12.7 mm thick.

The brand offers some popular styles such as whitewashed-look and extra-long planks. Most of their solid hardwood is narrow, which is a classic look. Furthermore, all their hardwood products have a micro bevel edge giving a sleek yet characterful look to where the planks meet. Furthermore, Doma Flooring is covered by decent warranties; a 20-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty.

Why Doma?

Apart from offering respectably thick, beautiful hardwood, Doma flooring is reasonably affordable. Their hardwood flooring starts at $6 per square foot, while their most expensive ranges cost $10 per square foot. If you consider the 19mm thickness, beautiful looks, and decent warranty, it’s pretty good value for money. In addition, we researched doma reviews on the web and found that most reviewing buyers are pleased with their new flooring.

3. Mirage Floors

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (3)

Price Range: $4 – $10 per square foot

Another popular choice is Mirage Floors, which is third on our list of the best hardwood flooring companies. The brand has been around for over 25 years, and all its floors are made in North America, more specifically, Canada. Mirage strives to provide the highest-quality floors while also being environmentally friendly. In the industry, their hardwood floors are known for their beauty and durability.

At the time of publishing this guide, the Mirage hardwood range is made up of 8 collections offering over 150 unique flooring products in total. Approximately half of their hardwood is solid hardwood, and the other half is engineered.

The brand offers unique styles, including herringbone and natural wood look without staining. Mirage also gives buyers three different gloss level options and four different texture options; smooth, brushed, cork, and engraved.

Mirage offers flooring in six different wood species; white oak, red oak, walnut, hickory, and maple. On average, their hardwood planks are 19mm thick, as thick as it gets with hardwood flooring. It’s also worth mentioning that all Mirage hardwood floors are covered by a 35-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty.

Why Mirage?

We chose Mirage floors as one of the best hardwood brands for various reasons. To begin with, the brand is highly rated amongst flooring professionals earning many awards throughout its existence. Secondly, their planks are very thick (19mm), meaning you can refinish them several times, leading to a long lifespan. Thirdly, starting at $4 per square foot, their engineered hardwood floors are relatively affordable compared to other brands. Last but not least, Mirage follows proper forest management schemes to prevent deforestation. If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable, long-lasting hardwood floor made in the US, Mirage can be the ideal option.

4. Somerset Floors

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (4)

Price Range: $5 – $9 per square foot

Next on our best hardwood flooring companies list is Somerset floors, another well-known hardwood manufacturer. Somerset floors is a US flooring brand based in Somerset, Kentucky. More specifically, the Appalachian timberlands. The brand has been in the industry for over 30 years and vouches only to offer wood flooring of the highest quality.

Somerset offers both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Their range currently consists of 11 collections totaling around 70 unique, characterful products. The brand offers flooring in five different wood species; white oak, red oak, hickory, maple, and oak.

Besides that, Somerset gives buyers a choice of three different textures and four different gloss levels ranging from matte to high gloss. Most of their engineered hardwood is 12.7mm thick, while their solid hardwood is a respectable 19mm thick.

All of their products are covered by a fantastic 50-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty. It’s also worth adding that the brand has a zero-waste policy. Somerset maintains their own forests and has its own forestry staff to prevent overharvesting and deforestation.

Why Somerset?

Why did we choose to include Somerset Floors on our best hardwood brand list? Well, they are an established brand that’s highly rated amongst flooring dealers across the country. We also discovered that most buyers leave positive reviews from their experience with the brand. Furthermore, their solid hardwood planks are 19mm thick, meaning you can refinish them numerous times throughout their lifetime. Additionally, Somerset flooring is an affordable hardwood brand with prices starting at $5 per square foot, and their 50-year warranty is outstanding compared to other hardwood brands.

5. Cali Bamboo

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (5)

Price Range: $3.50 – $8 per square foot

Cali Bamboo is one of the first brands that started offering bamboo flooring products in the US; it was set up by two college friends back in 2004. At first, the brand offered bamboo fencing, but over the years, it expanded into a large company now offering bamboo, hardwood, vinyl flooring, and composite decking.

Currently, the brand has an extensive catalog of hardwood with over 40 unique products in total. They stock engineered and solid hardwood in the usual wood species such as oak, maple, and hickory. However, they also stock ultra-strong bamboo and eucalyptus flooring, which is what makes them stand out.

Cali Bamboo gives buyers an option of various styles, including light and dark shades of hardwood in traditional and modern looks. Most of their planks are between 12.7 and 14.2mm thick. Their solid hardwood can be refinished several times, while their engineered ranges only once.

It’s worth mentioning that their bamboo and cork flooring is eco-friendly. Bamboo is a renewable plant that can be harvested every 4-5 years. Cork is the bark stripped from a tree. It can regenerate every nine years. Furthermore, eucalyptus is another tree that grows fast and is typically harvested every 4-6 years. In addition, it’s one of the toughest hardwoods on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Why Cali Bamboo?

There are many reasons why we chose Cali Bamboo. Firstly, their flooring is priced between $3.50 and $8 per square foot, which is relatively affordable compared with other wood flooring brands. Secondly, their bamboo and eucalyptus ranges are some of the toughest hardwoods in the world, making them highly durable. This is backed by Cali Bamboos’ excellent 50-year residential warranty. Lastly, Cali Bamboo offers eco-friendly flooring made from renewable sources, as we mentioned above. Cali Bamboo is certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a durable, eco-friendly, stylish, and affordable hardwood floor.

6. Shaw Hardwood

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (6)

Price Range: $6 – $14 per square foot

Shaw Industries is one of the biggest flooring brands globally and probably the biggest carpet manufacturer in the world. The brand is based in Dalton, Georgia, and has been around since 1967. Shaw offers many types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl plank.

Currently, Shaw stocks a wide range of hardwood flooring consisting of four collections; Repel, Epic Plus, The Gallery, and Floorte. In total, they offer around 240 unique flooring options. Furthermore, Shaw stocks a wide selection of wood species, including oak, hickory, maple, walnut, pine, birch, kupay, and ash.

When it comes to style, Shaw has pretty much every hardwood finish you can think of. This includes unique styles such as herringbone, wide-plank, whitewashed, antique, and mixed-size. Other than that, they also give buyers a choice of several textures, including smooth, reclaimed, subtle scraped, heavy scraped, and wire brushed.

On average, Shaw’s solid hardwood planks are 14.2mm thick, while their engineered planks are usually between 9.5 and 12mm thick. Additionally, Shaw offers a 50-year residential warranty on their hardwood products.

Why Shaw?

First and foremost, Shaw is basically the granddaddy of flooring brands in the US. They are a huge brand with a loyal customer base and strict quality control procedures. Secondly, many of their engineered wood planks, such as their Repel range, are waterproof, combining the beauty of natural hardwood with the performance of vinyl plank flooring. Lastly, Shaw offers both luxury and affordable flooring options, which are covered by an outstanding warranty, priced between $6 and $16 per square foot.

7. K.D Woods Company

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (7)

Price Range: $8.50 – $25 per square foot

Seventh on our unbiased best hardwood brand list is the K.D Woods Company. Based in Pennsylvania, US, this brand is unique as it specializes in reclaimed hardwood flooring. They have been around roughly since 2015 and like to salvage their wood from old barns. They also offer new hardwood flooring harvested from dead or mature trees.

Currently, K.D Woods offers around 30 unique flooring products; most are 100% authentic reclaimed hardwood; however, they also offer new hardwood floors. Going through their catalog, you will notice the character and beauty straight away, which makes them stand out amongst other brands.

You can find many different wood species in their collections, including cherry, chestnut, oak, Barnwood, maple, birch, pine, walnut, and hickory. It’s worth mentioning that K.D floors refuse to finish their floors with VOC-releasing liquids. Instead, they prefer to use natural oils, keeping your house natural and free from harmful chemicals.

Most of their solid hardwood planks are 19mm thick, which is great as you can refinish them several times during their lifespan. On the other hand, their engineered floors are between 12 and 19mm thick and can only be refinished once. Furthermore, K.D offers a 25-year residential warranty on all their hardwood products.

Why K.D Woods?

K.D Woods Company is ideal for homeowners looking for a natural hardwood floor sourced from recycled wood. Recycling hardwood relieves the pressure on our forests and prevents deforestation, so you are contributing to a more sustainable planet by choosing them. Apart from that, their flooring can last generations as it’s 19mm thick, and because it’s reclaimed, it requires little acclimation and is less likely to shrink and expand. Perhaps, the only downside to the brand is that it’s a little pricey, with options starting at $8.50 per square foot.

8. Bruce

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (8)

Price Range: $4 – $8 per square foot

Bruce is one of the oldest wood floor companies in the US, going all the way back to 1884. They are based in Pennsylvania and use hardwood sourced from the Appalachian mountain range. The brand offers simple and affordable hardwood options starting at $4 per square foot. Many of their lines haven’t changed since they were founded; that’s what we call longevity.

Currently, Bruce stocks three solid hardwood collections with 197 unique products and six engineered hardwood collections with around 175 unique products. The brand offers dark and light hardwood shades and various finishes, including traditional, hand-scraped, smooth, and distressed.

Wood species offered by Bruce include red oak, white oak, ash, hickory, birch, cherry, and maple. Their solid plank width range is slightly limited, with only three and 5-inch wide planks available, although their engineered planks are available up to 6.5 inches wide. Furthermore, their planks come in various thickness levels stretching from a thin 8mm to 19mm thick.

Apart from being affordable and offering a wide range of hardwood, Bruce offers a respectable 50-year residential warranty on their solid hardwood and a 25-year residential warranty on their engineered floors.

Why Bruce?

Bruce is one of the oldest brands in the US, which clearly suggests that customers are happy with their wood floor products. Besides that, they offer hundreds of very affordable hardwood options starting at $4 per square foot. In fact, they are one of the most affordable brands in the industry when it comes to hardwood. If you’re on a limited budget and looking for a stylish, durable floor with a long warranty, Bruce is definitely worth considering.

9. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (9)

Price Range: $8.99 – $24.99 per square foot

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a brand specializing in wide plank flooring, just as the name suggests. The brand is based in New Hampshire and has been around for over 50 years. They claim to use materials only of the highest quality and strive to combine the beauty of traditional hardwood with modern fashion styles.

Currently, the brand offers 13 unique collections with over 80 flooring products in total. Many of their ranges are truly beautiful, presenting unique styles such as herringbone, whitewashed and hand-scraped flooring. They stock a wide variety of wood species, including ash, birch, cherry, chestnut, white pine, heart pine, hickory, maple, red oak, white oak, and walnut.

Pretty much all of their planks are a respectable 19mm thick, which allows homeowners to refinish the floor numerous times throughout its lifespan. The brand also offers custom flooring options meaning customers can present their vision to the brand, and they will work to achieve a specific look.

However, Carlisle is not known for being affordable. You have to pay a premium for their expertise as their cheapest ranges start at $8.99, while some of their luxury options can set you back $24.99 per square foot.

Why Carlisle?

So why did we choose Carlisle? Well, their floors are exceptionally stylish, and wide-plank flooring has become highly sought-after in recent years. Secondly, most of their planks are 19mm thick, as thick as hardwood gets. With the proper care and maintenance, a high-quality floor of this thickness can last for generations. Besides that, numerous flooring installers have given us positive feedback on Carlisle, praising the brand’s looks and quality.

10. Lauzon

The 10 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands in 2023 (10)

Price Range: $6.50 – $11.50 per square foot

Last but not least on our best wood flooring companies list is Lauzon flooring. Like Mirage, Lauzon is another hardwood brand based in Canada. The brand has been distributing flooring across North America for over 30 years, and they offer some of the most durable wood species on the market.

Currently, Lauzon stocks over a hundred unique hardwood flooring products spread out into several collections. They offer both light and dark shades of hardwood, narrow and extra-wide planks, as well as different texture styles. Another factor worth mentioning is that Lauzon takes pride in not using VOC-releasing finishing liquids. Instead, they prefer to use safe, natural solutions.

What makes Lauzon stand out is the variety of wood species they stock, offering many exotic species. Their wood species list includes African Sapele, black walnut, Brazilian cherry, hard maple, hickory, red birch, red oak, Santos mahogany, white oak, and yellow birch. Santos mahogany and Brazilian cherry are some of the hardest wood species, topping the Jank hardness scale.

Furthermore, Lauzon hardwood planks are 19mm thick, which is among the industry’s thickest. They also offer good residential warranties varying between 25, 30, and 35 years depending on collection.

Why Lauzon?

Lauzon offers a wide range of stylish, low-VOC hardwood options with something to meet everyone’s taste. Some of their exotic ranges, such as their Brazilian cherry, are known for their supreme durability and water-resistant properties. In addition, Lauzon floors can be affordable, with some options starting at $6.50 per square foot. If durability is the main factor you look for in a hardwood floor, Lauzon can be a perfect choice.

There are many other hardwood brands out there, such as Naturally Aged Flooring, Duchateau, Casabella, and Provenza. These are all worth checking out, but they didn’t quite make this list.

Best Hardwood Flooring Brands – Pricing & Thickness Comparison

Hardwood BrandPrice per Square FootThicknessWarranty
Doma$6 – $10 per sq. ft12.7 – 19 mm20-year residential
10-year commercial
Mohawk$4.49 – $8.49 per sq. ft9.5 – 14.2 mmLifetime Structural
5-year commercial
Mirage$4 – $10 per sq. ft19 mm35-year residential
5-year light commercial
Somerset$5 – $9 per sq. ft12.7 – 19 mm50-year residential
5-year commercial
Cali Bamboo$3.50 – $8 per sq. ft12.7 – 14.2 mm50-year residential
15-year commercial
Shaw$6 – $14 per sq. ft9.5 – 14.2 mm50-year residential
K.D Woods Company$8.50 – $25 per sq. ft12.7 – 19 mm25-year residential
Bruce$4 – $8 per sq. ft8 – 19 mmSolid: 50-year residential
Engineered: 25-year residential
Carlisle$8.99 – $24.99 per sq. ft19 mmLifetime Structural
Lauzon$6.50 – $11.50 per sq. ft19 mm25, 30 & 35-year residential

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring

When searching for a hardwood floor, there are many crucial aspects you should consider to ensure that you choose a high-quality product that fully meets your needs and expectations. Below are some of the most important factors to take into consideration.

Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring comes in two types; solid and engineered. Solid hardwood is 100% solid hardwood, as the name suggests, while Engineered Hardwood usually consists of a thin layer of solid hardwood backed by a bottom layer of cheaper wood (usually plywood), therefore also cheaper to manufacture. There are pros and cons to both. Solid hardwood can be refinished several times throughout its life and, with the right care, can last for generations. Engineered hardwood can only be refinished once in most cases; however, it is usually more stable, water-resistant, cheaper, and easier to install than solid hardwood.

Wood Species

The type of wood species you choose depends on your personal preference. Some species are tougher, more water-resistant, and more durable than others. For example, white oak has better water resistance than red oak due to its closed-grain structure. The most common species used in the US are domestic; these include oak, maple, pine, beech, walnut, and hickory. All of these are similar in density. Exotic species such as Brazilian cherry, eucalyptus, or Santos mahogany are extremely hard and ultra-durable; however, they are also much more expensive than domestic types. For more info on wood species, feel free to read our dark hardwood flooring guide.

Gloss Level

Gloss level is another aspect that falls under personal preference. Generally, hardwood flooring comes in four main gloss levels; Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss. Satin has been the most popular in recent years; it has a slight shine but not too much, so it perfectly hides dirt and dust. Although high gloss can create a luxury showroom look, it requires daily maintenance as it shows every little piece of dirt and dust. In a nutshell, the choice is yours.

Plank Thickness

Plank thickness plays a major role in the longevity of a hardwood floor. Solid hardwood typically comes in an overall thickness of 12.7, 14.2, or 19mm. The thicker the floor is, the more times it can be sanded down and refinished. Engineered wood floors are usually thinner than solid hardwood and can typically only be refinished once in their lifetime. The thickness of a floor also affects pricing, generally speaking, 19mm hardwood floors are the most expensive.

Surface Finish

The most common finish types used for hardwood flooring today are water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, and natural wax or oil. Oil-based polyurethane gives hardwood floors a shiny, vibrant finish; however, it releases large amounts of VOCs. Water-based poly gives a slightly duller finish but is still very popular as it only releases safe amounts of VOCs. Natural oil doesn’t release any VOCs and gives your floor rustic, traditional looks. However, natural oil isn’t as durable as urethane finishes, but it’s easier to repair.

Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Like all flooring types, hardwood flooring has its clear pros and cons. Below you can find the most significant advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring starting with the pros.

Pros of Hardwood Flooring:

  • Style – No other floor type can compare with hardwood when it comes to looks. Its beauty, combined with its natural knots and graining, brings a natural warmth to any home.
  • Durability – Like with style, no other flooring type can compete with hardwood when it comes to lifespan. Solid hardwood floors can last 50 years or longer with the proper care and maintenance.
  • ROI – Return on investment is another selling point convincing many homeowners to install hardwood flooring. CNN recently reported that installing a solid hardwood floor can increase the value of your house by 3 to 5 percent.
  • Maintenance – Generally speaking, hardwood floors are easy to maintain. They only require a regular gentle sweep and mop to remain visually pleasing.
  • Air Quality – Hardwood floors collect very little dust and air particles compared to carpet. This is highly beneficial to people with allergies.
  • Versatility – Generally speaking, both light and dark shades of hardwood complement most home decor looks and are really simple to match when redecorating.

Cons of Hardwood Flooring:

  • Water Resistance – Spills, moisture, and rain are mortal enemies of hardwood flooring. Unlike with tile and LVP, spills on hardwood floors need to be taken care of immediately because hardwood is known to expand or buckle when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods.
  • Cost – With an average price of $6 to $8 per square foot, hardwood floors are more expensive than vinyl plank, carpet, or tile floors.
  • Prone to Pets – Some hardwood floors are prone to scratches caused by long pet nails hence why it’s important to trim your pet’s nails regularly if you have a hardwood floor.

How to Protect Hardwood Flooring

Wear Socks and Take Your Shoes Off

Firstly, one of the most important aspects of protecting your floor is simply not damaging it; your shoes can significantly damage your floor. If you’ve been outside, you could have all sorts of dirt on your shoes which may be hard to clean with a mop. Therefore please don’t treat your floor as a dance floor. In addition, if you don’t already have a doormat invest in one and always rub your shoes on it when you walk in. Although bare feet don’t really damage your floor, they leave footmarks, so it’s always better to wear socks.

Use the Right Vaccum

Again, as mentioned in the previous point, not damaging your floor plays a big role; therefore, use the right vacuum. Indeed, many people don’t know this, but you should have a special vacuum or vacuum attachment for hardwood flooring. Using the wrong vacuum can significantly damage your hardwood floors; it can leave nasty scratches that cannot be removed.

Use the Right Mop

Using the right mop really makes a big difference when cleaning your dark wood floors. The task can take quite long, especially if you have multiple rooms with hardwood. It is essential to have a consistent cleaning schedule after installing hardwood. The right mop makes the task fast and simple. We found that spray mops are best for hardwood as they don’t oversaturate your floor.

Refinish every 3-6 years

Once your wood floors start showing signs of aging and damage, you can refinish them, making them look brand new again. There are two different ways you can refinish a floor. One of them is buffing the floor and then applying polyurethane. The other way is sanding the floor and applying polyurethane.

As the name suggests, buffing consists of using a buffing machine, also known as a buffer. A buffer only removes the existing polyurethane from the floor without actually removing any of the wood. After the buffing process, the floor is vacuum cleaned, and new polyurethane is applied to create a brand new-looking floor again.

Sanding Hardwood Floors is slightly different than buffing; in order to sand the floor, you need a belt sander. Sanding is different because, in this process, you are removing not only the polyurethane but also a thin layer of wood from the floor. This is recommended if the damage is deeper and affects the wood. After Sanding, the floor is vacuumed, and new polyurethane is applied to create a great-looking floor again.

Add Protective Layers

Most floors only receive two layers of polyurethane. Adding an extra layer can add some extra life to your wood floors. If you believe that there is a lot of moisture in the rooms where you would like hardwood floors installed, you can use a product called Bona Bonaseal. This moisture barrier is applied to the sub-floor, which is beneath your hardwood floor, and it stops moisture from coming through to your Hardwood Floor.

Add Furniture Pads & Rugs

Furniture is one of the biggest causes of scuffs and marks on Hardwood Floors. You can add self-adhesive pads to the legs of your furniture, which removes the probability of scratches and scuffs; you can find these in most DIY and home decor stores. Another way of protecting your floors is to add rugs in areas you use very often, such as house entrances & underneath your coffee table in the living area.

Looking for a Professional Flooring Installer?

Lots of our readers often complain that they can’t find flooring installers in their area. We recommend you try our free estimation tool to get at least 3 free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

The tool is powered by Networx who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, hardwood floors are certainly a favorable option when looking for new flooring for your home. They will add character and warmth to your house, and as a bonus, your house value will rise by three to five percent.

So which hardwood flooring brand is the best? Well, we simply can’t decide. All the brands listed in our guide are good in their own way, and we can’t separate them. The choice is yours. Just make sure to carefully check the crucial aspects when picking your hardwood floor such as thickness, warranty, finish-type, and gloss level.

On a final note, we hope you found our best hardwood flooring brands helpful. If you had an experience with any of the brands or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


Does hardwood flooring need acclimation?

Before installation, hardwood flooring should acclimate for three days in the environment it is destined for. It’s vital to this as wood flooring can shrink and expand when it adapts to new environments and moisture levels.

How long does hardwood flooring last?

With the proper care and maintenance, solid hardwood flooring can last for 50 years or longer if you refinish it every 5-8 years. The thicker the planks, the more times you can refinish the floor. Engineered hardwood is usually slightly thinner and can typically only be refinished once, lasting 25 years at the maximum.

How much does hardwood flooring cost per square foot?

The US average hardwood flooring cost is around $5 to $8 per square foot. However, you can find cheaper options starting at $3.50 per square foot, as well as luxurious hardwood floors, which can cost as much as $25 per square foot.

Is hardwood flooring waterproof?

Hardwood flooring is not waterproof by any means. However, it can be resistant to water. Finishing your floor with a coat of polyurethane can act as a water and scratch barrier. If you want something truly waterproof, consider tile or vinyl plank.

Which hardwood flooring is the most durable?

The durability of hardwood flooring dramatically depends on its overall thickness, finish type, and proper maintenance. We found that the thicker the hardwood, the longer it will last, as it can be refinished several times in its lifespan. For a durable wood floor, choose 19mm thick planks, the thickest most hardwood brands offer.

How much does hardwood flooring installation cost?

On average, hardwood flooring installation costs around $6 to $10 per square in the US. Solid hardwood typically costs more to install as it typically needs to be stapled or nailed down. Engineered hardwood can be installed using the locking method, which is easier for installers, therefore, slightly cheaper.

What is the best thickness for solid hardwood flooring?

The best thickness for hardwood flooring is 19mm, usually the thickest hardwood brands offer. This allows homeowners to refinish their solid hardwood floor several times, often lasting for generations.

Which hardwood flooring brand is the cheapest?

Bruce, Mohawk, and Cali Bamboo are amongst the cheapest hardwood brands, with options starting at $4 per square foot.

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1. Lighter, Brighter Wood Finishes. Wood flooring with character-rich, lighter stains shows no sign of waning in popularity, says Margaret Donaldson, founder of Margaret Donaldson Interiors. “Homeowners are primarily using white oak, but walnut is starting to surface more, especially with lighter finishes,” she says.

What is the most popular hardwood floor right now? ›

Light wood: Light natural wood continues to be among the most popular hardwood flooring colors, complementing smaller spaces and rooms that lack natural light. That's because these colors can provide the illusion of more space, making rooms feel brighter and more open.

What is number 1 wood flooring? ›

Oak flooring

Oak is by far the most popular species for hardwood flooring in the US. Most domestic oak flooring is one of two types: red oak or white oak. Red Oak is the warmer of the two. It produces floors with pinkish, red, or rust undertones, and has a good amount of grain variation and character.

What is the best hardwood floor for money? ›

If you're in the USA, species like White Oak, Maple and White Ash can be great cost-effective options for a real hardwood floor as they are domestic trees and don't have to be imported.

Which hardwood floors last longest? ›

For example, Brazilian Walnut owns a Janka rating of 3684. That makes it an exceptionally durable material for hardwood flooring. Brazilian Cherry is another durable exotic species with a 2350 rating. Among domestic hardwood species, hickory tops the charts with an 1820 rating.

What is the number one selling flooring? ›

What is the Most Popular Flooring in Homes Today? The most popular flooring in homes today is wooden flooring – like luxury vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floors.

What is the most popular hardwood flooring in 2024? ›

Natural and lighter-toned hardwood

But unlike in recent times, when we saw gray-stained hardwood gain momentum, homeowners are increasingly gravitating towards the natural color of hardwood in 2024. Lighter hardwoods, like white oak, maple, and birch, are particularly in demand.

What color wood floor is most timeless? ›

Avoiding Trendy Tones

Pale Brown and Medium Brown are the epitomes of timeless hardwood floor color. These shades offer warmth and versatility, blending seamlessly with various decor styles and color palettes.

What is the best time of year to buy hardwood flooring? ›

Spring: Spring is often considered a good time to buy wood floors for several reasons. The weather is mild, making installation more comfortable. Additionally, many homeowners embark on spring cleaning and renovation projects, which can result in sales and promotions on flooring materials.

Which hardwood lasts the longest? ›

So Which Wood Type Lasts the Longest Outdoors? The general consensus is for hardwoods, such as ipe and teak. Since these species are extremely rot-resistant and durable, they have the best chance at a long life outdoors. These hardwoods are very durable and can last decades with minimal maintenance.

What is the most stable hardwood flooring? ›

Some of the more dimensionally stable domestic wood species include hard maple, white oak, and white ash. Exotic species are often more dimensionally stable than domestic species. Pairing this with a dimensionally stable cut like rift-and-quartered or quarter-sawn flooring is usually a safe bet.

Which is the best wood flooring brand? ›

Shaw Floors

Shaw is a major player in the flooring industry, providing high-quality hardwood options with a focus on sustainability. You can sort their options by texture for smooth flooring, reclaimed/ distressed options, scraped wood, and wire brushed planks.

What is the best grade of hardwood flooring? ›

Prime grade or AB-grade wood flooring is the highest quality of hardwood flooring that you can find. The wood in this grade has been carefully selected, and it features a minimal amount of natural defects like knots, sapwood, and grain irregularities.

What thickness of wood flooring is best? ›

Typically, solid hardwood flooring is between 5/16 and ¾ inches thick. Those are pretty standard thicknesses that serve most needs. Engineered hardwood can come in different thicknesses but generally, it's about the same offerings as solid hardwood.

Which hardwood floor is most scratch resistant? ›

Selecting a floor such as Hickory, Hard Maple or White Oak can protect your floor from damage, as these hardwoods are less susceptible to scratches than softer woods like Pine, Cherry or Black Walnut. Hardwoods with more dramatic grain patterns can help to hide scratches more easily.

What is the most durable wood for hardwood flooring? ›

Hickory (1820), the hardest of commonly available hardwoods, boasts a tensile strength that rivals steel. Hickory features very interesting grain patterns and a color palette that runs from lighter blonde in the sapwood to rich cocoa brown and beige in the heartwood.

How can you tell good quality hardwood floors? ›

The Quality of a Parquet is Considered high if the following conditions apply:
  1. a robust and hardy type of wood.
  2. a thick, solid wear layer.
  3. a strong, well-glued carrier plate.
  4. high-quality workmanship.
  5. a resilient surface treatment.
  6. trustworthy material origin and brand.
Aug 12, 2021

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