Ina Garten’s Make-Ahead Coquilles St.-Jacques Recipe (2024)



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I don't have 1 1/2 cup gratin dishes, can I put it all in one big dish? How would I adjust time/temperature?


Hi Sam, (or anyone else), I have the same question as the previous Katie -- I want to use a Pyrex baking dish to make this. Would it be best in a square 2qt casserole or a 9x13" one?


Jenn Marshall

Absolutely delicious. A half recipe with a green salad and some bread to get very drop of the sauce made a VERY filling meal for 2 with enough left for a lunch the next day. And don't tell anyone, but I used frozen scallops and it was still terrific.

Nina V

I have to say, THIS WAS STUNNINGLY DELICIOUS. We had 8 for dinner and this was just so simple to prepare. But the WOW factor was huge! But make sure you use fresh bread crumbs - not panko. This makes a big difference as fresh breadcrumbs are tender - just like the scallops.


I don't have individual dishes- has anyone made this in a casserole, if so- what size?

Danièle G

We used a 10 x 10 x 2.5 " casserole and did not have to adjust the cooking time. We agree that this is a winner recipe. Delicious. Perfect for a dinner party

Nicole Gardner

Made 1/2 the recipe ... enough for 4 for a main course.

Used light cream rather than heavy cream ... still very rich!


The recipe says gratin dishes (which are usually shallow and oval in shape), but the photo shows round ramekins. The same size of 1 1/2 cups would be much deeper. How do you adjust the cooking time, and to what temperature are scallops properly cooked?

Here's a much better recipe.

I've made this two times and here's my take on it - it needs help. I'm now certain that it's too rich and too salty. Cut the butter by 1/2, cut the salt by 2/3rds, cut the cream in 1/2; add 1/2 small onion, finely chopped and sauteed and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.


Gosh, Ina Garten, professionally trained or not, is highly respected in the food industry. I find her totally unpretentious and feel she is an outstanding cook. Her catering/cafe, The Barefoot Contessa, was renowned before she ever stepped in front of a tv camera. She has my utmost respect for venturing out from writing policy in the White House to her overwhelming success. Her recipes are, for the most part, simple, made with the highest quality ingredients, and absolutely delicious.

Sam Sifton

Nope. The abductor muscle should be removed -- that's the little tough one on the side, that's like a bit of tape. The adductor muscle is the big fella, the meat of the scallop, and the thing we eat.

Michael Thomas

That's what I have done each time I've made this and that's what I'm doing right now--it turns out great. I follow the same time and temperature.

Ann Chapin

how about scallop shells? so pretty!

Sam Sifton

Scallops have an adductor muscle (big, meaty, delicious) and an abductor muscle (small, chewy, not so delicious). People often refer to the adductor as the scallop itself, the meat. They remove the tough abductor.

Thomas Sherman

Believe the hype; this recipe is seriously delicious. Very filling, so feel free to create 8 portions.


I used sea scallops which were delish, but I felt the sauce was too thick. Perhaps it was something I did, but I followed the directions completely. I think I would add less flour next time I make it, and more brandy/cognac. I do think the gruyere cheese didn't melt as well as I would have liked it to, but that maybe was because of the single dish I used. Other than those two small issues, the recipe was delish, very hearty, and rich, and made for a good winter evening with friends.


Made for Bryan and Marcie. Used less salt and a bit less than a quarter teaspoon of curry. Was excellent. Next time 4 scallops per person!


This dish was AMAZING. I love that you can make it ahead of time. I had tons of sauce leftover, could have easily used just half. I will definitely make this again.


Delicious. I followed the recipe precisely and used bay scallops. But it was also very runny, even though the bechamel was very thick due to the gluten-free flour I used (such flours usually contain more starch and thicken more). Not sure what I would do to prevent this; perhaps toss the scallops in some potato or corn starch beforehand.


Delicious recipe, prepared as written, and served with wild rice. I appreciate the explanation of the abductor v. adductor muscle. Thank you for another great one.


In Bretagne (France), we put the scallop back in its shell with the sauce and breadcrumbs ( no mushrooms nor cheese ! ) and broil them directly in the oven. Less dishes and a nice presentation. The sauce can also be made with Calvados ( or any apple alcohol )


Wow! This is amazing . Just did a test run for Christmas Eve tomorrow where 3 guests of the 10 don’t eat meat - I am making this for them and it is superb. I added some lemon zest to the bread/gruyere/parsley mixture which is sensational. Highly recommended.


Prepared this for Christmas Eve, and portioned into scallop shells. The sauce is quite salty prepared as written, so I did not add any additional salt to the mushrooms or breadcrumb mixture. I used bourbon instead of brandy, why not? I felt that this made a little too much sauce so saved some and some extra bread crumb topping, which I may just throw on some chicken breasts next week.


Where does one find 1 1/2 cup gratin dishes?


When I learned that this was a homier version of a very fancy dish, I decided to riff a bit. Added 4oz more (16oz total) mushrooms, 4 stocks of sliced celery, and used store bought panko because: texture! It was really good!


Our Better than Bouillon is already very salty. No need to add additional salt


I’ve made this a few times and love it - as rich as it is. I’m cooking for someone who doesn’t like cheese. Has anyone tried this without it?


I have large scallop shells, plucked from a Scotland beach 30 years ago. How would I adjust the cooking time? (the hold maybe 3/4 cup at most). My spouse is eager to use these for his birthday; otherwise, I'd use ramekins!


Lg sauté pan for shallots mushrooms. Small sauté for cream


I'm allergic to mushrooms. Can I omit them? Or what would be a good substitute?

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Ina Garten’s Make-Ahead Coquilles St.-Jacques Recipe (2024)
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