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GP Baker Wallpaper.

The British fabric and wallcoverings brand was founded in the late 19th century by James and George Percival Baker. These two brothers lend their initials to the eponymous GP & J Baker brand. The company took off after Percival and Baker purchased the Swaisland Fabric Printing Company alongside most of its archived patterns and printing blocks. Travelers and collectors, Baker and Percival were constantly searching for new prints and patterns to add to the GP & J Baker archive. From India to Turkey, Percival and Baker added hundreds of patterns and prints to the brand within their lifetimes. The most popular GP Baker wallpaper prints are actually from Britain. They were inspired by the English countryside and the work of Arts and Crafts designers. In fact, ​​George Percival Baker was a proud horticulturist who regularly studied and grew UK plants. Today, some of the most popular GP Baker wallpaper prints are botanical prints like Nympheus wallpaper and wallpaper. Find over a hundred GP Baker wallpaper designs on the L.A. Design Concepts website here.

GP & J Baker Wallpaper is a product of one of the most iconic design brands in the world, known for their hand-blocked fabric designs drawn from a textile library that dates back centuries. At L.A. Design Concepts, you can buy GP & J Baker Wallpaper for 40% off and get free shipping on orders over $200. Plus, wallpaper samples are available in every pattern, hue and material.

With our product filtering tool, you can shop nearly 100 GP & J Baker Wallpaper options to find the exact print, color, price and style to fit your home’s or commercial space’s needs. GP J Baker Wallpaper is a favorite among interior designers and consumers alike. Some of their most popular prints and styles include:

  • Hydrangea Bird
  • Chifu
  • Parterre
  • Herringbone

GP J Baker Wallpaper as a whole, though, has some of the most recognizable prints in the wallpaper world. At L.A. Design Concepts, you can purchase GP & J Baker’s designer wallpaper and enjoy exclusive discounts on the prints and patterns you love. GP & J Baker’s collections feature a variety of styles, with many matching fabrics and wallpapers used to coordinate and style.

GP & J Baker wallpaper is one of the world’s foremost preservationists of historic textile and wallpaper patterns. It has the ability to give any room an instant sense of history and rootedness. While GP & J Baker’s concept library continues to expand, their wallpaper collections bring their thoughts and imagination to life.

A recent collection titled Portobello is quietly elegant, offering a sophisticated twist on the trend for relaxed, country living and is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease. Featuring classic Indian block printed designs and large scale floral English chintzes, this collection embodies the casual luxury of the English country home.

GP&J Baker Nympheus Wallpaper:

The iconic Nympheus pattern is based on a historic textile from the famous Baker archive. It features enormous lily pads and lily flowers interspersed with resting white egrets. With its large 24″ vertical repeat, Nympheus is the perfect pattern for a bold statement in a hallway, entry, master bath or bedroom. It’s available in five color ways to help bring a touch of nature indoors in any color scheme.

More Favorite GP J Baker Wallpapers:

GP & J Baker Peony & Blossom Wallpaper

is classic Chinoiserie, featuring stalks of bamboo with peony flowers and small birds flitting branch to branch. Available in six classic colorways, it’s a stylish addition to almost any room – especially a dining room or bedroom.

GP & J Baker Magnolia Wallpaper

A classic large-scale floral pattern, Magnolia Wallpaper channels the bold chintzes of old country houses in Britain and France. A large 37″ repeat makes it ideal for tall ceilings in a dining room, entry, or bedroom. Choose from three iconic colorways.

GP & J Baker Oriental Bird Wallpaper

Always a classic, Oriental Bird Wallpaper combines a traditional Asian floral and bird pattern with a modern, neutral color palette. This tone-on-tone design creates the perfect backdrop for a bedroom, living room, entry or bathroom. A matching fabric is also available in several colors and textures.

A History Of G P & J Baker Designs

GP & J Baker was founded by two enterprising brothers in 1884; based in Istanbul, they began by importing carpets and fabrics into England. Discerning collectors of rare textile designs, the brothers began what has become one of the largest and most exciting privately owned textile archives in the world. Since 1982 the G P & J Baker has been a holder of the Royal Warrant, producing fabrics, wall coverings and custom furnishings for the British Royal Family. Today, the company enjoys an international reputation for delivering magnificent fabrics, wallcoverings and trimmings with exceptional quality. Current collections range from stunning translations of designs from its archive, to signature prints, weaves and embroideries for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

GP & J Baker Wallpaper Samples

Samples are a great way to explore different tones, textures and patterns within the space it will reside. GP & J Baker wallpaper samples are no exception. Through L.A. Design Concepts, you can shop and purchase samples in every color, neutral, material and print. We always encourage shoppers to select multiple samples, particularly in different hues, so you can compare and contrast them at home.

When doing so, be sure to hold the wallpaper up in natural and indoor lighting so you can experience how the color and texture works with all types of light. Equally, hold your GP & J Baker wallpaper samples up to other colors and furniture within the space to get a solid sense of how it will blend or contrast with those elements.

Discount Wallpaper

At L.A. Design Concepts, we take pride in offering the world’s largest selection of designer wallpaper and fabric – including discount wallpaper. Each of our wallpapers is exclusively 40% off, a discount you can’t find elsewhere. Our selection includes the world’s premier brands as well as luxury boutique brands you can’t find anywhere else online.

Buy wallpaper for less, exclusively through L.A. Design Concepts.

To complement your new GP & J Baker wallpaper, also be sure to explore our complete collection of .

Nympheus Wallpaper

GP and J Baker recently reimagined and re-released their Nympheus wallpaper and several other classic designs as part of their Baker Originals collection. The brand updated the scale and colors of the Nympheus wallpaper print to better appeal to modern audiences. Though Nympheus appeals to many of today’s shoppers, it actually references motifs from the 18th century. Shoppers can find GP Baker wallpaper from the Baker Originals collection, as well as many other collections, on the L.A. Design Concepts website.

GP & J Baker Peony & Blossom Wallpaper

Available in seven different colorways through L.A. Design Concepts, GP & J Baker wallpaper was released as part of the Signature collection. It was also released as part of their Baker Originals collection. Referencing both a charming chintz print and wildlife of the British countryside, GP & J Baker Peony & Blossom Wallpaper is quintessential to the brand. Shoppers can find GP & J Baker Peony & Blossom Wallpaper in seven different colorways, including Soft Gray, ​​Indigo/Teal and Dove/Silver. One of our favorite colorways of GP & J Baker Peony & Blossom Wallpaper is Vintage. Vintage is a delicate combination of pale pink, sage green and beige. Other colorways of this GP Baker Wallpaper can be found online through L.A. Design Concepts.

GP & J Baker Signature Prints

In 2019, GP & J Baker released their Signature Prints collection. They did so after collaborating with fashion brand H&M on a series of classic prints reimagined in contemporary ways. The British fabric and wallpaper brand drew on this experience to reproduce a number of iconic designs in fresh colorways and intriguing scales. Some of the most popular GP Baker wallpaper designs from the GP & J Baker Signature Prints collection include Oriental Bird. A beloved GP Baker wallpaper, Oriental Bird was released earlier in the brand’s history as part of the Holcott collection. As part of the GP & J Baker Signature Prints collection, shoppers can also find a number of opulent fabrics. Some feature luxurious velvets and bouclé while others boast vibrant and saturated tones.

GP Baker Wallpaper | 40% Off (2024)
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