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Pathways: Not one but many?

First realize that there are many errors and misunderstanding which I undoubtedly have created in my own mind, and which I may unfortunately pass on. Think for yourself, and do not assume I or anyone else knows better than you yourself. The last thing I want to do is to obstruct free thought by guiding others under the illusion of knowledge, which is all that education is really doing these days.

The path I chose to follow is generally focused on a single machine because other idea's and stories end up leaving us empty handed, and they do that because we are lacking an example of working machine. Whereas the ARV Drawing of McCandlish are backed by witness testimony as well as conventional knowledge. That drawing does seems to be about the most solid evidence for a real machine that we are going to get right now. Nevertheless there are many intersecting lines and accommodating them is not a problem as all of them play some part in understanding.

As an example lets look for second at Hamel Cones, and notice too the time frames in which this idea arose. Hamel Cones are very interesting really, and despite appearing bizarre the ideas behind them are complex and forward thinking. I can see some interesting ideas incorporated in them. As an example, it is my understanding that: Hamel Cones vibrate, they don't spin, it's vibration that is energy. Again here we see a connection to quartz as a material which when feed energy translates that power into a vibrational plane via electrical power input, and that vibrational power is then transmitted to the surrounding space.

This is the general idea behind how to engineer the vacuum, and which is explained greater detail in Harold E. Puthoff's paper:Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering

So now, without leaping ahead to other cross connecting experiments and indeas, let us continue to follow the path of the Hamel Cones for a brief while, and while bearing in mind there are many similarities and cross connections to them from other thinkers and experimenters.

A Hamel cone can also be seen to represent one side of a kind of accretion disc. Look at objects/drawings in 2D as well as in 3D, and if you look at the Hamel Cones in 2D, like a vivisection, or a cutaway, and then imagine you're only seeing 1/2 of that power system, then mirror the drawing so as to have a balanced image. Now the image is an image which is focusing vibrational power to a point from equal planes but on opposite sides. So that would be like pie shapes whose tips were focused upon a singular point; all energy being put upon a central part, and which resembles the ideas of Russell about gravity being the intersection of radiant light.

Looking at the schematic of a black hole there are similarities to the Hamel Cone, and so the idea behind the Hamel Cones was to focus masses of vibrational energy on to a point to produce energy: A perfectly sound idea if truth be known. It's almost as if the cones could be seen as a kind of analog crystal, making up for frequency with numbers and mass to act as multiplying forces. Now it isn't obvious, but the ideas in the Hamel Cones are here inside of artistic images of black holes. Those ideas are found there, just stare at the images long enough and think about what's happening, and this then is supposedly a piece of matter so dense it sucks light in.

Now personally I'm not sure black holes even exist, but that's neither here nor there, because ultimately it doesn't matter if they are real or not. What matters is that the system tells us things, and here the story of black holes were a part of very extensive system of complex story telling, and which is itself part of a comprehensive neuro linguistic programming system of the corporate political power system. In other words, real or not, they are telling aware people something. Just look at the very wording: "Black Hole." Down the rabbit hole? See there's more going on is the point.

Now I could become really diverted on this whole topic since the Black Hole meme of 1979 contains themes which well demonstrate neuro linguistic programming and messages for the aware to take heed of, such as this iconic image shown in some of closing scenes from the Walt Disney production "The Black Hole."
The Black Hole sent a generation of sci-fi fans to hell · Memory Wipe · The A.V. Club

However, as much fun as that is for me personally to write about, I will attempt to restrain myself from great diversions in to the whole artificial intelligence and transhumanist agenda, and which is obviously being manufactured, and that image of the devil robot is a message to the aware about what the future holds because that's where the design is intended to lead to: That is, to the very image shown in the closing sequence for those whom believe that life inside a piece of rock is possible, that they will be the master or god inside this artificial reality, and the truth is quite the reverse. That's the reason for Disney making that film.

Manufactured acceptance is an important part of the power control paradigm, and this fits into the post in the same way that science fiction television shows and movies of flying saucers have depicted alien vehicles through time, and which you may have noticed have changed slightly, but which fit with each period of time.

Take for example "The invaders" and look at the shape of the vehicle, then look at the images of the photographs taken of the same period of time. There is a match to the story line being sold, and some of the photographed saucers. This cannot be accidental.

In 1956 in Rosetta Natal, South Africa on July 17. a member of South African society produced 7 photographs of a ufo. One of the photo’s is pictured above. Her husband was a major in the South African Air Force, and she worked for Air Force Intelligence. There were also two witnesses to the incident. Taken in the Drakensburg Mountains, and now related to as the Drakensberg photos. The lady in question (Elizibeth) never changed her story. She died in 1994, at the age of 83.
1965-08-03, Rex E. Heflin , drives his Ford truck along the Santa Ana highway (Los Angeles) to inspect the low-lying parts of Myford Road (in Tustin near Dyer Road?): Check if the vegetation has not overgrown the road. The ground underneath the UFO is clearly being disturbed. These are all famed photographs BTW.

Provo, Utah
In July of 1966 a pilot of a transport aircraft of the USAF, with two-cylinder engine model C-47 "Skytrain," {Not two cylinder, but twin engine transport} - immortalized in a photo of a reddish object while traveling at about 11 o'clock in the morning, just above the rocky mountains about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo.
1966 photo of the ARV taken by the AF DC-4

The history of UFO images match the McCandlish drawing in relation to the time the machine was itself created. It is a near exact fit to the most solid information available: First hand eyewitness reports and photographic evidence from the specific time period that the machine was undoubtedly created in, and in this same epoch of creation are these other bits and pieces like the Hamel Cones.

Now in the 1966 UFO photo from Utah there are some faint teltail signs that we are on the right track. One side of the machine seems to have a slight blurring, as if the air was distorted.

In conventional theory the surrounding space is altered by input of energies (*vibrations=energy). The only real question is how is the ARV accomplishing this warping of the surrounding space, and what then is the warping of the surrounding space (*spacetime) actually doing? Is it creating the so called Alcubierre Warp Drive, a kind of surfers wave in spacetime, or is it actually distorting time and thereby become part of entangled dimensions?

Effects of UFO's upon people by James McCampbell*

Interesting> This link now says the site contains malware: Yet again, just do a search by cut and paste "Effects of UFO's upon people by James McCampbell* and you're going to find an online pdf of this paper. So what's up with this change? A redirect? Someone doesn't want you reading this? Yet again this is the exact same link as the new one I just posted above, and yet the one below came back saying there was malware at the link, but now after posting the second link above, and revising the post it now appears both links go through normally? >>> If you're getting a malware warning to any links I'm posting I'd like to know, I'm sure the site owners would like to know as well.

"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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