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Put your mind to everything

You won’t be molded into just a major here. You’re capable of so much more than that. So we’re going to ask more of you. For the next four years, we’ll push you to think and question everything, and combine your interests to see, explore, and change the world in new ways.

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    What To Expect When Becoming the Unexpected

    Our educational approach to your four years at Allegheny.

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    How to learn

    The First- and Second-Year Experience is designed to prepare your mind for everything that follows. The courses you take will prepare you to think critically, communicate creatively, and question everything.

    Declare Yourself… Twice

    As a sophom*ore, you’ll declare your major and select your mentor. But that’s just the start of it. You’ll also be asked to choose a minor from an alternate discipline to keep your perspectives fresh and your mind wide open.

    Independent Inquiry

    As you delve deeper into your major and minor, you’ll develop an even more eloquent understanding of your chosen fields, and you’ll begin to focus on improving your research skills and rhetorical ability in preparation for your Senior Comp.

    The Senior Comp

    Behold the grand finale. In order to graduate, every Allegheny student must research, propose, create, and defend an original creative or critical project. You’ll be paired with a mentor to help oversee this project from its first moments, all the way to the end.

    Research and Creative Activities

    The office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities, or “URSCA,” supports the College’s rich tradition of research, which dates back to the college’s founding in 1815 and led to the College being named the inaugural top college for undergraduate research by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

    Students can begin exploring these high-impact activities at any stage of their Allegheny journey, no matter their major or minor, in a variety of ways. URSCA also has a number of resources available to assist with travel to conferences and opportunities to present scholarly work in a professional setting.

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    Global Education

    Allegheny’s curriculum is built at the intersection of perspectives and disciplines, because our students want to make a difference. Understanding that the world grows ever more complex, we encourage students to seek out something new. To that end, there is an enormous value of studying off-campus, either nationally or internationally, and the College sponsors semester and year-long programs that offer unforgettable experiences for academic credit. Allegheny also offers programs geared to specific majors, as well as programs with internships and service learning opportunities.

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    Career Exploration

    Allegheny prepares students for meaningful lives beyond college, and we do this by leading and leveraging career development programs, resources, and opportunities, while collaborating within an entire ecosystem of alumni, colleagues, and employers. Every student and alumni member has access to this network of support and exploration. We also strive to level the playing field through a proactive approach that decreases barriers and increases access and opportunities for students. We want to engage every student in order for them to dream, develop, and ultimately reach their goals.

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    Advising and Support

    One of the mainstays of the Allegheny experience is the strong community and the many layers of advising and support that are available to you. You’re not left to figure everything out on your own, and Allegheny is committed to giving the best for every student. Each year you’ll connect with your instructors, coaches, Class Deans, Student Success staff, and so many others to ask questions, explore your options, and make the most of your time at Allegheny.

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    Senior Comp

    The Senior Comp is not a mere report or semester paper, but a significant piece of independent study, research, or creative work, conducted under the supervision of one or more faculty members. And the outcome is more than a grade or a written document. For the student, the project often results in a new way of looking at complex problems. It inspires an appreciation for the power of ideas that might previously have seemed like abstract concepts in a textbook. Often it can be a pivotal time when a student realizes his or her own abilities and potential. The Senior Comp also improves opportunities for graduate school and employment.

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    Academics - Allegheny College (2024)
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